Brick Cleaning Before and After by CARE Cleaning Services

Cleaning Brick Mortar Staining

It’s not uncommon to have mortar residue or smears left behind on the brickwork of new build properties, or where the brickwork has been repaired or re-pointed. As well as being unpleasant to look at, it can be very difficult to clean, not only because the mortar is difficult to remove but also the risk of damaging the property is very high.

Using our specialist materials and equipment we can remove the majority of the mortar residue and dirt on the bricks without causing any damage to the bricks or the pointing between the bricks.

Cleaning Soiling & Dirt Buildup

Sometimes damaged and leaking guttering can cause algae and dirt to build up on the brickwork causing stains on the walls. We can clean the brickwork, removing the dirt, algae and other soiling from the bricks. Using specialist equipment we can clean the bricks safely right up to the height of the guttering.​

Advantages to Using CARE

We have been helping our customers keep their brickwork clean for nearly 10 years. Our customers range from residential customers to nationwide property developers and construction companies. We understand how important it is for your property to look good and be finished to a high standard, so we are always happy to offer our assistance and brick cleaning expertise.

Brick Cleaning Services Provided in...

Health & Safety

Health and safety is of paramount importance and COSHH assessments are carried out and are available on request. Please view our health and safety page for more information on our health and safety policy and insurance information.

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