Driveway & Patio Cleaning

How CARE Can Help with Your Driveway Cleaning

Cleaning the build up of dirt and algae on your driveway and patio is one of those jobs that can be a real hassle, a job that no one really likes to do and gets continually put off, but it’s one that can make a huge difference to the look of your property. Why not let us take that hassle away from you?

Using high pressure jet washing equipment we can clean your driveway, patio or paving removing the dirt, moss and algae that build up over time. Using professional equipment that is much more powerful than regular domestic pressure washers we can provide a more thorough clean that doesn’t leave any striping and will last longer than when using a domestic pressure washer.

At CARE we believe in providing a high quality service at very reasonable prices and only working to the standard that we’d be happy with on our own homes. For more information or a free no obligation quote on how we can help restore your driveway or patio to it’s former glory please contact us today!


Concrete or Slabbed Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Using a high pressure jet washer we can remove the build up of algae and dirt that can give your patio that green dirty colour restoring it to its former glory. Algae can also cause concrete and paving to become very slippery causing a potential hazard for yourself and your visitors. Jet washing will effectively remove this hazard, not only making you paving look incredible but also removing the potential slip hazard.

Driveway Cleaning by CARE Cleaning Services

Block Paving Cleaning

Block paving looks incredible when newly laid or when in pristine condition. Unfortunately when dirt and algae build up it loses this pristine look. Of all surfaces block paving can be the most difficult and time consuming to clean. Why not let us restore your block paving to pristine condition, we can jet wash away all the dirt and algae and then re-sand afterwards, making your block paving look as good as new!


Tarmac Paths & Driveway Cleaning

Freshly laid tarmac looks amazing and really adds to the look of your home. However over time dirt can build up on it, especially if you live in a “new build” home or where construction work is ongoing. Brick dust, sand and cement as well as mud and general dirt can ruin the look of your tarmac drive. We can clean your driveway removing the ingrained dirt, making it look the best it can.

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